Monday, May 5, 2008

Log for the week of 4/28-5/4

This week I am attempting to taper for an attempt at my first 50 miler on Saturday. It was the worse week that I have had all year. I was so worried about my race that I was stress eating without even realizing what I was doing. By Monday 5/5 after the race I was up 3 lbs in one week!!! Below is my log for the week.

Monday: OFF, very tired and sluggish

Tuesday: Run 7 miles up and down Green Mountain 3 times. Fell on downhill and banged up right knee.

Wednesday: OFF, only 5 hours of sleep last night

Thursday: Run 5 miles on treadmill at very easy pace, right knee hurt a little

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Collegiate Peaks 25 miles in 4:10. Was supposed to do the 50 but quit and only did 25 due to pain in right hip and leg. Race Report to come soon.

Sunday: OFF, my right leg is sore!!!!

Total miles for the week: 37 miles

Total hours for the week: 6.5 hours

As I was looking back through my log for the week I have notes on almost everyday on how little sleep I was getting and how bad I ate every day. I let this 50 mile race get into my head. That is not like me, I was so stressed out about it that it was no longer fun. I think it is time to step back a little from my goals and reevaluate what I want them to be this year. I need to keep it fun or I will lose my mind.

On a side note I found out last night that someone died in the race on Saturday. Trying to find out more information.