Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Log for the week of 5/5-5/11

This past week I have been trying to keep around 6 hours of running total with some cross training thrown in. I don't think that I have been cross training enough. Anyway here is the breakdown for the week.

Monday: easy 15 min swim to loosen up

Tuesday: Run 3.25 miles on the treadmill followed by 45 mins lifting weights.

Wednesday: Run 8 miles on the road to Bear Creek and back

Thursday: Run 8.5 miles on the treadmill (2 easy,2@ 7:30pace, 2 easy, 1@ 7:30pace, finish easy) then spent 45 mins lifting weights.

Friday: Run 13.5 miles on the road to Morrison and back.

Saturday: Run 7.5 miles on big loop around Green Mountain with Ben

Sunday: Hike up road going to Guanella Pass from the Grant side with Ash and Braden. We hiked about 5.5 miles in 3 hours with about 1200 feet of gain.

Total miles ran this week: 40.75
Total hours for the week: 11.25

Overall not a bad week coming off a race. My hip that was giving me problems at the race is still hurting. It is like a dull constant ache in my right ass muscle. I have been working on it with the tennis ball and going to start lifting again more regularly. Hopefully that is all that it will take. I am thinking that it is either a slight pull that will go away if I just take an easy for a while or it is some muscle imbalance. If the latter then the weights and cross training should help with that.

I am still on the fence about the next upcoming race in WY. Not sure if I want to run the marathon or try my hand at the 50 miler. I am tempted to do the 50 because I really would like Ashley to be there for my 1st 50 and she is not going with me to Utah in June for Squaw Peak. We will see what happens between now and then, it all comes down to what training I can get in and how the hip feels. Here is the link for the race in WY if you are interested.