Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Log for the week of 3/10-3/16

I finally started feeling better last week and was able to resume my running and training. I did not do much in the way of cross training like I usually do but did get some runs in. All of my runs were outside on trails, no treadmill time at all! The weather was just Awesome last week and I hope it holds this week so I can start rebuilding my mileage and base.

Anyway here you go:

Monday: Off (still feeling a little sick)

Tues: Run @ Green Mountain lower 5 miles

Wed: Run @ Apex (hills) 5.25 miles

Thurs: Run @ Mattew Winters 4.75 miles
Elliptical machine for 30 mins

Friday: Off

Saturday: Run @ Green Mountain to summit and back 5 miles

Sunday: Run to Morrison and back 13.25 miles

Total miles ran: 33.25

Need to get this over 40 next week and get back to 2-3 hours of cross training.

Have a great week!