Monday, April 8, 2024

April 1st - April 7th

“Fear is the silent destroyer of dreams.” - Gary Haugen


10 AM: 1 hour at the gym

Warmup: Running, mobility and drills

AMRAP 25 mins: 15 rounds + 5 Strict Pull-ups + 8 Push-ups
25:00 AMRAP:
5 Strict Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats
Run, 200 m


10mins of core work

-- 2 total miles of running in this workout today.  Was surprised when I did the math...  This was all at 6min pace or faster.

6 PM:  1 hour at Spin class with Paula at Vasa.  Cycling computer said 15.5 miles so going with that. Was a bit of a sweat-fest night as we focused on climbing most of the class.

7 AM:  9.25 miles w/ 500ft of vert averaging 7:25pace.  Combo of the Costco loop and Davidson Mesa. Another nice loop that I put together that I enjoyed a lot. Run was 30min warmup, 20mins at a steady state, and then cooldown back to the truck. Was able to keep the steady state of the run between 6-6:30pace at about 145 heartrate. Super pleased with that.

2 PM: 8.2 miles w/ 500ft of vert averaging 8:30pace.  Running donkeys with Bob over at Rocky Flats. Little rough going out for it seems they have not run together much over the winter but the 4 miles coming back we were rolling. Most likely was just me verses the donks but I regress.  Good to get to run Sugar Ray again and look forward to racing him a few times this year I hope.  Great to catch up some with Bob, been to long.

10 AM:  1 hour at the gym

Warmup: Rowing, mobility and drills

Every 2 mins for 20 mins: Snatch : 2225 lbs
Every 2 mins for 20 mins:
5 Snatches | 65 lbs
5 Snatches | 75 lbs
3 Snatches | 80 lbs
3 Snatches | 85 lbs
3 Snatches | 90 lbs
3 Snatches | 95 lbs
1 Snatch | 105 lbs
1 Snatch | 115 lbs
1 Snatch | 125 lbs
1 Snatch | 130 lbs


10 mins RemReps: 106 reps
In 10 mins:
50 Dumbbell Snatches | 40 lbs
50 Dumbbell Lunges | 40 lbs
max rep Row Calories | 106

3 PM:  7.5 miles w/ 500ft of vert averaging 8min pace.  Easy miles doing an out and back on the big hill by Key Bank on the Dirty Biz trails. Super chill today for the legs are trashed today from the past few days. Feeling the achillies too which pisses me off. Thought I was finally past that. Prob to much of a quicker pace the last few days that triggered it between the 200m runs at the gym on Monday then the tempo and pickups that running with donks require on Tuesday. Over it.  At least it was a great afternoon weather-wise. 
 7 AM:  9.25 miles w/ 2200ft of vert averaging 10:40pace.  Easy loop of Sanitas and Anemone trails again. Super chill for the legs are still trashed but feeling much better today. Just felt I had no real power uphills today but at least things did not hurt like they did yesterday. Could feel the achillies but was not limping or changing my stride so much better as well today. I really love this route. Such a great mix is steep uphills and runnable trails.

--- Planning on making my way to Moab this afternoon to train for a long weekend.  Shooting for Grand Junction or Fruita tonight then Moab tomorrow for a few days.  This is why we bought the van, for trips like this.  Just load up and go with no real agenda.

6 AM:  1 hour at the gym.  Easy lifting at the Fruita Rec Center covering all major muscle groups. More light weight and focused on movement to be more of a mobility workout than lifting workout. Felt really good after this.

9 AM:  9.25 miles w/ 1600ft of vert averaging 9min pace.  Easy jog on the Pollock loops and side trails outside of Fruita. Just exploring and taking an easy. Such a cool area and need to bring Paula here in a few weeks when we plan on coming back to the area.  Got done right as the wind was picking up.

-- Headed to Moab after grabbing lunch.  The winds have picked up a lot and driving that high profile van with a sidewind is a bitch....  Of course had to have my pre-race dinner at Milt's and found a place in town where other vans were also hiding for the night... yes they don't allow this in Moab but people do it anyways.

8 AM:  Running Up For Air 12 Hour- Moab.  37.5 miles w/ 18,000ft of vert in 11:37. 

Hell of a race... so much vertical. Not a lot of running was involved today, to steep going up and to technical for me to run down at a fast pace. More like just slowly jogging down the slick rock trying not to eat shit. The course was basically 0.9 mile up with 980ft then 0.9 mile down. Got in 19 laps total which got me 2nd place. First place dude was bombing the downhill all day. He ended up with 22 laps, not even close. Legs are totally shot after this effort, might be regretting this for a few days.

11 AM: Walk 2.8 miles...  Easy hike from the visitor center at the Colorado National Monument to try and flush out the legs a little bit. Such a cool place and can't believe that in all the times I have been to Fruita that I have never driven up here. Need to plan a long run here sometime to really explore.

2 PM: Walk 1 mile... Easy break in the drive home stopping in Glenwood Springs to check out Doc Holiday's grave. Been wanting to stop here for years but never took the time. Check that off the list.

Total Weekly Numbers
Hell of a busy week... very pleased on this week even though I am having issues walking normal this morning.  Quads are sore to the touch, gotta love DOMS.  That makes 6 nights in the van so far in the first 3 weeks.  Guess I will get getting good use out of it.   This next week is going to be more of a recovery week for I am sore as hell today (Monday) which will be just an easy movement day and I have an out patient procedure on Thursday which will be a day completely off.   Then it will be back to normal programming next week.

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