Monday, September 14, 2009

Rattlesnake Rumble

Yesterday was a great little 4.5 mile local trail race in Eldo Canyon that brought out about 90 runners. It was my 1st race since Bighorn last June in which I actually gave an effort at it. I started out slow with no warm up but just built speed and kept trying to run faster as the race progressed. Even with my nasty crash I was able to finish 23rd overall Which is not to shabby considering the slow start, crashing, and the fact that it is Boulder (running capital of the world).

You can find the race website by clicking here.

Results are found by clicking here.

Race reports are found by clicking here and here.

And finally some photos I found.

Me trying to catch that one last guy. You can see the blood running down my leg from the crash just 1/2 mile earlier.

Fred coming into the finish

Views of what we got to look at during the run

You can view all the photos by clicking here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Huarache Running Sandals

So I have been slowly dipping my feet into the world of barefoot running since reading the book Born to Run. In the book there is a character named Barefoot Ted. I happened to come across his website yesterday. You can click here to view it.

He is currently making and selling huarache running sandals that the natives in the book wore for $56.95. If you feel like making them yourself he will also sell you a kit for $24.95. You can find those at Not sure if I could run in these or not but they are cheaper than the $90 for Five Fingers.

Oh yeah, he also did the Leadville 100 2 weeks ago in Five Fingers in 25:54.