Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Log for the week of 4/21 - 4/27

So the goal of this whole week was to try and recover from Greenland 50K while at the same time keep my mileage up somewhat since my 1st 50 miler is a little over a week away on May 3rd. Here is how my week broke down.

Monday: OFF my hamstrings were screaming at me all day, I think that bike ride yesterday may not have been the best idea after the 50K

Tuesday: Run 7.5 miles at Apex trail. I did both side to the trail so about 2500 feet or so of climbing I think.

Wednesday: Run 7.5 miles at Lair 'O Bear trail. This had about 1500-1800 feet of climbing.

Thursday: Run 6.25 miles at Mount Falcon. Up to top of Walkers Dream and back, about 1800 of climbing

Friday: Run 6.25 miles on the treadmill at an easy pace and spent 30 mins lifting weights on the upper body and core only.

Saturday: Run 20.25 miles on the treadmill. This was more a mental challenge than physical one. Did this because they were calling for rain in the morning and needed to be done very early for other things going on.

Sunday: Cherry Creek Sneak 5K (3.1 miles) with Ashley and Braden. This was Braden's (7 years old) 1st 5K. It was pretty neat to see.

Total miles for the week: 50.75
Total hours for the week: 9 hours

Not a bad week overall. I feel like I recovered very well from Greenland 50K and at the same time gots lots of good hill work in this week. Next week will be a half week of tapering for the 50 miler.

Have a great week!


Friday, April 25, 2008

Log for the week of 4/14 - 4/20 (week of Greenland 50K)

I already posted my race report for Greenland 50K and had some interesting thoughts and comments. Anyway I never posted my log for that week so here we go.

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: Run 8.25 miles up Apex to top of Lookout Mountain (1700-1800 feet of gain)

Wed: Run treadmill 6.5 miles with 4X800 at 6:30 pace. Lifted weights on total body for 1 hour.

Thursday: Run treadmill 6.25 miles with rolling incline.

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Greenland 50K (31 miles) in 5:06 and got a rub down after the race

Sunday: Bike (road) 18 miles for 1 hour 45 mins in Morrison.

Total miles ran this week: 52.25 miles

Overall it has been a good week. Did a lot of treadmill miles due to trying to do a soft surface taper and not risk rolling an ankle or something. Recovery this week has been very good, I will post this week's log on Monday.

Have a great weekend!


Friday, April 18, 2008

Greenlands Trail 50K Ultramarathon April 19th 2008

Well another 50K has bit the dust....... Ran the Greenland Trail 50K south of Denver in 5:06 for 27th overall. A big improvement over my experence in Moab in Feb. Here is the link to all of the results.

I am having trouble with keeping things down after 25-26 miles and I am concerned because of my first 50 is coming up on May 3rd at Collegiate Peaks in Buena Vista. If this happens at this point in the 50 I don't know I can finish, there is a big difference between forcing myself through another 6 miles or another 25 miles while puking. Here is a breakdown of what happened. It was pretty warm in the upper 70s to lower 80s and very windy with gust around 30mph on Saturday also. The course is basically 4 laps with about 500-600 feet of climbing and downhill in each lap.

Started the race with 2 bottles of Heed in my waist pack. The goal was to get used to waist pack (just bought it) and try to drink one bottle or more per hour.

Lap 1: Time 1:02- I just settled into a pace that felt comfortable and just cruised along with the people around me. Took in 4oz water at 3.5 miles at aid station. Took gel at 40 mins. At end of 1st loop took in 4oz of Heed at aid station and both bottles of Heed were 1/2 gone. Took 2 salt tabs at 1 hour.
Total input for lap: Heed- 1 bottle and 4oz
Salt tabs- 2
1 gel
Water- 4oz

Lap 2: Time 1:04- Refilled one bottle that was gone at 1st aid station and took 4oz of water. At 1:30 took 2 Cliff Blocks. At the end of 2nd lap refilled the other bottle and took 2 salt tabs and 4oz of Heed.
Total input for lap: Heed- 1 bottle and 4oz
Salt tabs- 2
2 Cliff Blocks
Water- 4oz

Lap 3: Time 1:17- Same as Lap 2 but picked up some M&Ms at halfway point of the lap because I was hungry but there really was nothing to eat at the aid stations, all they had was candy. I was hoping for bannas or bagels. Walked some of the uphills after the aid station at halfway mark and ran all the downhill/flat.
Total input for lap: Heed- 1 bottle and 4oz
Salt tabs- 2
2 Cliff Blocks
Water- 4oz
Handful of M&Ms

Lap 4: Time 1:43- Started having stomach issues at mile 25, threw up halfway between start of lap and aid station. Forced some Heed into me while walk/jog to aid station. At the aid station I took 8oz of Coke, filled one bottle with water and walked most of the uphill while drinking the Coke. After going over the top I started running the downhill but stopped and puked again just on the other side of the highpoint of the course. This sounds gross but the Cliff blocks from the last lap were still in my stomach and came up. From this point on I walked/jogged sipping on water because my throat was raw from puking. Every time I started feeling sick while jogging I would stop to a walk. When walking I was watching my GPS watch to make sure I was staying around 4mph. The last 0.25 miles I ran in because my buddy Clyde was cheering for me to run it in and I did not want to finish on a walk and puked a 3rd time 30 seconds after crossing the finish line.
Total input for lap: Heed- 4oz and 1/4 bottle
Water- 1/4 bottle sipping
Coke- 8oz
Note-- All of this and some more came back up.

Total time: 5:06

My girlfriend who is a paramedic was concerned because I basically had no fluids for almost 2 hours and was more covered in salt than she as ever seen me so she pumped an IV bag into me, great to have easy access and not have to bug the race EMTs. A few mins later my stomach calmed down and I was drinking/sipping again.

I just can not seem to get this figured out. Was I not taking in enough electrolytes? To many electrolytes? Fluids? Food (I was hungry on lap 3 but aid stations had no real food)?

Was I running to fast for me? I felt great in the legs, lungs, head even after puking. I was able to keep going without any problems, it was all not being able to keep fluids down. Every time I started running, especially downhill I started getting sick to my stomach and would puke shortly after that.

If I would not have had the issues that I did on the 4th lap I would have had an awesome time, maybe around 4:30-4:45.

Anyway any ideas/advise from people out there would be great.

Here are some pictures that were taken at the race. Enjoy.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Log for the week of 4/7-4/13 (One week to Greenland)

Last week turned into one of the best weeks I have had running since last fall. I finally got in over 60 miles which I have not done in awhile. Now I just need to keep building on that and get in some more crosstraining to get the total hours up. A lot of my time was on a treadmill due to the weather but at least I got the miles in. Here is how my week broke down.

Monday: Run treadmill 6.25 miles; 15-20 min of upper body weight lifting.

Tuesday: Road Run to Morrison and back 14 miles

Wednesday: Run treadmill 7.50 miles. Did 4X45 sec at 15% incline and at 6 mph.

Thursday: Run treadmill 6.25 miles; 30 mins of total body weight lifting

Friday: off

Saturday: Long trail run of 18.25 miles including Green Mountain, Hogback, Matthew Winters, and Mount Falcon. It was a great run! I averaged 6 mph even though there was a crap full of climbing. I will be doing this loop more often and adding on to it.

Sunday: Run/hike with Braden and Ashley at Elk Meadows in Evergreen. 9 miles.

Total miles for the week 61.25.

Next Saturday is the Greenland trail 50K. I am not sure what my approach to this race will be yet. I am thinking that I am going to treat it like a long run and just run it nice and easy. On the other hand that can be against my nature. This course is 4 loops around the Greenland trail system just off of I-25 south of Denver. I went and ran this 2 weeks ago and did 2 laps in 2:05. This pace would suggest a 4:30 or so finish. I think that would be to quick and would hurt my recovery for my 1st 50 miler on May 3rd which is only 2 weeks later. I think I will back off a little and shoot for a 5 hour finishing time so that recovery would be better and I can get in some more high mileage weeks before tapering for a week for the 50 miler in Buena Vista.

I think Ashley on the other hand thinks I should just hammer it to push my fitness up even higher. She thinks that I will recover without any issues. I am not so sure.

Any thoughts from anyone out there?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Log for the week of 3/31-4/6

This week as been the best week so far in a long time. With the weather starting to be nice on a regular bases it makes it easy to start upping the mileage. I plan to keep building from this week into my first 50 miler in Buena Vista in 4 weeks. I also have the Greenland 50K in 2 weeks. From here on out it is all about completing Leadville 100. Because of that some of my race times will be slower as I try different drinks, food, and equipment combos to see what will work for me for Leadville.

Here is my log for this week:

Monday: Run 6 miles on the treadmill at an easy pace

Tuesday: Run 7 miles on the road with some small climbing (1 hour)

Wednesday: Run 7 miles on the road with some small climbing (1 hour)

Thursday: Run total 7.75 miles ( 2 mile warmup; 5X800 at 9mph with 400 recovery; 1.5 mile cooldown) Weights for 45 mins

Friday: Run 4.5 miles at Mattew Winters (45 mins)

Saturday: Run 15 miles on the Greenland Trail (2 loops) in 2:10.

Sunday: Hiking for 3-3.5 hours on Mount Yale in Buena Vista (Xtraining)

Total running miles for the week: 47.25

Not a bad week at all. Hopefully next week I will hit over 55 miles for the week and be somewhat ready for the Greenland 50K on April 19th.

Have a great week.