Monday, February 27, 2012

Red Hot Finish Photo

Found this photo at the Colorado Runner website here. This photo makes me realize that I have some work to do and weight to lose. Leadville training/diet starts today.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Red Hot 33K

Went off to Moab again this past weekend for the Red Hot 55K. At the race check in I downgraded to the 33K because of the injury that I had through January and the mouth ache from the root canal 2 days earlier. This also allowed me to enjoy the best part of the course. In years past I would be suffering through this section in the 55K which makes it hard to take in the awesome views like this.

Not really a lot to say about the race but the fact that I did get chicked by a minute or so. Bummed about that. I ran in 6-7th place most of the race but stopped at the last aid station to get water and piss only to be passed. I tried to close and catch up but just did not have it in me. My quads were shot for some reason. Anyways 2:47:00 for 20 miles with 3300 feet of gain for 10th overall. The race was a lot faster this year than years past due to it now being part of the LaSportiva Mountain Cup Series. There was some seriously fast dudes there.

Here are some photos that I stole from other people. Enjoy.

Yes Colorado runners took over the whole hotel

Start line

Awesome rocks!

Where is the trail?

More great views!

Runners going across the Slickrock.

Special Idiots and FCTR groups.