Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bear Creek 10Spot

Ran a race this morning at Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood called Bear Creek 10Spot. It was 10.4 miles with about 1000ft of climbing. Not a lot of climbing but that last uphill at mile 8 hurt! Here is the elevation profile and map from Adam's website.

My plan was to use it as my long easy run this weekend keeping my heart rate under 150 but that did not happen. My average heart rate for the race was 175- OUCH!!! I finished th 10.4 mile course in 1:15:00 flat on my watch which gave 8th overall and 2nd in my age group. Here are my mile splits along with the average heart rate for that mile, can you guess where the hills are.

7:28- HR 170
7:00- HR 177
7:13- HR 173
7:29- HR 173
6:33- HR 170
7:40- HR 177
7:25- HR 174
6:56- HR 176
7:57- HR 179
6:48- HR 178
Last 0.4miles in 2:26- HR 184

This was a really fun low key event that could easily become a yearly affair to run. Great job Adam!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ramblings and Pranks

Been pondering all week if last Saturday's effort at the 12 Hours of Boulder warrants a race report or not. Most likely not since I treated it as an easy long 6 hour jog and did not do the whole 12 Hours. Anyways props to GZ for finishing is 100!

This weekend I am going to race- strike that- run the Bear Creek 10Spot on Sunday. If I feel good (which has not been the case all week) then I will run hard, if I don't then it will be a fun jog. Could not beat the $20 sign up fee ($40 now for last minute people).

On a side note I had to share this. Now that is a PRANK!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So we have been having a lot of issues with our Malamute howling when left alone over the past 2 years since we got him, he gets lonely very easily. This past Saturday we came home from a hockey game to find a written warning on the door from the Westminster Animal Control for the noise after only being gone from 11am-2pm. One of my neighors had complained. DAMN IT!!!

We were at a loss on what to do. We have tried toys, me coming home at lunch, and even taken it to the point of a shock collar. All which have not seemed to work. We can not afford the ticket and possible court cost that this could bring.

My big boy TONKA:

So as a last ditch effort we got this sweet little girl to keep him company.

Meet Gemma-

She is a Black Mouth Cur. Very very sweet and all she wants to do is please everyone. She does have lots of energy because she is only 9 months old which makes Tonka put her in her place more than once.

Lets hope this works. Otherwise we will have to re-home Tonka to a place where the noise will not be an issue and I really don't want to lose my big boy.