Thursday, November 7, 2013

Meet Punisher

Picked up a new 29er mountain bike after all the fun I had at Greenland Gravel Grinder with the idea of doing more of these events in the future.  I named her Punisher because that is what I feel like she does to me every time I ride her right now with my lack of cycling fitness.  Hopefully that will change over time if I can ever gain any mountain biking skills. 

She is a 2013 Foundry Broadaxe B2 carbon fiber bike that weighs in at 24.1 pounds with peddles on her.  I thought about upgrading more parts of her to push her closer to 20 pounds but figured it would be a lot cheaper just to lose a few pounds from my fat ass.

You can see all the details on her at this link if your that kind of bike nerd-