Monday, March 13, 2023

March 6th- March 12th

 “Every failure is a step to success.” - William Whewell

- This quote is very fitting for this weekend....


9 AM:  Mellow 1 hour at the gym

Warmup: Rowing, mobility and drills

Split Jerk : 1 Rep Max 
1 Split Jerk | 165 lbs

10 RFT: 3 mins 8 secs 
10 rounds of:
5 Pull-ups
5 Push-ups

Reverse Hyper : 12-12-12-12 : 
12 Reverse Hypers | 105 lbs
12 Reverse Hypers | 105 lbs
12 Reverse Hypers | 105 lbs
12 Reverse Hypers | 105 lbs

2:30 PM:  2.4 mile afternoon walk around the hood.  Rest day today.  Followed that up with 30mins in the sauna.

7 AM:  Skimo 5.7 miles w/ 3000ft of vert in 1:35.  3 laps at Eldora early this morning before work.  Raining, icy and cold below 9,500ft but above that was sunshine and an inversion..  Pretty damn cool.

9 AM:  1:20 at the gym.

Warmup: Running, mobility and drills

4 RFT: 10 mins 33 secs
4 rounds of:
Run, 200 m
21 Front Squats, 35% 1RM | 75 lbs
12 Toes-to-bars


Bench Press 10x10 :
10 Bench Press | 105 lbs
10 Bench Press | 105 lbs
10 Bench Press | 105 lbs
10 Bench Press | 105 lbs
10 Bench Press | 105 lbs
10 Bench Press | 105 lbs
10 Bench Press | 105 lbs
10 Bench Press | 105 lbs
10 Bench Press | 105 lbs
10 Bench Press | 105 lbs

4 PM:  52mins in the garage gym followed by 30mins in the sauna

In the garage gym

Tough 21, v3 variation. Do these 7 exercises for 3 sets:
This video is for following along, 45 sec work, 15 sec rest x 7 exercises

Trap Bar Deadlift 
10 Trap Bar Deadlifts | 155 lbs
10 Trap Bar Deadlifts | 165 lbs
10 Trap Bar Deadlifts | 175 lbs
10 Trap Bar Deadlifts | 195 lbs

Barbell Curl 
10 Barbell Curls | 62 lbs
10 Barbell Curls | 62 lbs
10 Barbell Curls | 62 lbs
10 Barbell Curls | 62 lbs

Bb Skull Crusher 
10 Bb Skull Crushers | 62 lbs
10 Bb Skull Crushers | 62 lbs
10 Bb Skull Crushers | 62 lbs
10 Bb Skull Crushers | 62 lbs

4 Rounds
20sec calf raises
10sec hold up
20sec calf raises
10sec hold up
30sec recovery


- The scores for the Crossfit open have finally settled and are final.  I ended up 3228st place out of about 16,000 in my age group of 45-49 worldwide.  I will take that considering this is not my main sport and I am coming back from a pretty serious back injury.  Here is a breakdown of how I did in years past but the amount of people participating was less most of the years so my overall percentage was higher this year than it ever has been, I was in the 78th percentile this year, if you are in the 90th percentile you get to move on to quarterfinals.  That will never happen unless I learn how to do a ring muscle-up or get much stronger on overhead movements.

5:30 AM:  1:15 at the gym

Warmup:  Airbike, mobility and drills

6x RFT: 
6 rounds, each round for time, of:
60 Double Unders
12 Power Snatches, 40% 1RM | 75 lbs
12 Bar Facing Burpees
Resting 1 min between each round.

Push Press :
3 Push Press, 70% 1RM | 115 lbs
3 Push Press, 80% 1RM | 130 lbs
3 Push Press, 90% 1RM | 4 reps, 145 lbs

9:30 AM : 9.5 miles w/ 700ft of vert averaging 7:10pace.  Out and back from the Coalton Trailhead on the Dirty Biz loop.  4x7mins with 3min recoveries in the middle of the workout.  Ran those between 6-6:30pace depending on hills.  Feel really good about today's effort, things seem to be turning a corner lately.

2:30 PM: 35mins Giddyup Circuit 2.0 in the garage gym 

How to:

Core (30 reps or 15 per side):
Oblique press
Hollow rock leg raises
Side Crunches (elbow to leg lift)
Glute-bridge clams (optional w/ band)
Curl crunch
Russian twists
Bent knee side planks
Planks 2 min

Legs (30 reps or 15 per side):
Air squats
Side Lunges w/ arms overhead
Bulgarian split squat
Runner arabesque w/ high knee hold
Step back lunge w/ high knee hold
Figure 4 squat
Calf raises on a step
Wall sit 2 min

Upper body (minimum 5 sets, up to 10 sets if you're feelin' saucy!):
10 push-ups / 5 pull-ups
(Or as many as you can do of each)


-NOTE: No weight check this week...... feel good and pants are loose so not bothering with it.

7 AM:  Skimo 5.7 miles w/ 3000ft of vert in 1:36.  3 early morning laps at Eldora this morning.  4-5 inches of fresh powder.  The skiing was very good!  Was going to do more but chilled since I have the Salida Marathon on Saturday.  New skins on the skis today as well, was not sliding nearly as much.

10:30 AM :  1 hour at the gym

Warmup: Rowing, mobility and drills

AMRAP 20 mins: 3 rounds + 100 m | Rx'd
20:00 AMRAP:
Dumbbell Farmers Carry, 200 m | 45 lbs
Walking Lunge, 100 m
5 Wall Walks


7 AM:  1 hour at the gym

Warmup: Airbike, mobility and some drills

5 RF-ME: 243 reps | 45, 46, 48, 51, and 53 reps | Rx'd

5 rounds, 1 min per station:
Burpee Pull-up
Box Jump Over, 24 in
Assault Bike Calorie
Rest 1 min

8:30 AM: 5 miles averaging 8min pace.  Easy shakeout after the gym over at Davidson Mesa. Been a while since I have been over here, used to by my daily run.  It could be come my daily run again for there are talks at work of making us go back to the office.  A new VP is pushing for it... sigh.....  might start looking for a new job that is remote if that happens, we will see.  Some of the people at work who have been at Medtronic for 20-30 years were going to work 2-3 more years before retiring but now are talking about retiring now if they are forced to go back to the office.  Needless to say most people are not happy about it.


8 AM:  Salida Marathon- 24 miles w/ 4200ft of vert in 3:35.  Salida Marathon-  Started out really slow and built into it as time went on.  Had to stop at mile 2 to shit again and lots of potty breaks as well the first half, broke my diet for dinner the night before and paid the price.  Second half went great but I was short on total distance and could not figure out why.   After looking at other runner's Strava I figured it out.  I was directed to go the wrong way by a volunteer at the last aid station (or I thought was the last aid station) so missed a 2 mile loop towards the end around at mile 21.  Didn’t figure it out until I finished of course and I told the race director pulling my name from the age group awards.  Oh well, got a good workout in.  Lots of snow up top, mid-shin and snowed most of the race.  No photos during the race, I did not carry my phone due to how wet we got.

Hung around Salida for 3ish hours looking in shops, getting coffee, and an Old Fashion before heading to Bob's house in Leadville to ski on Sunday.


10 AM:  Combo of Uphill Skimo and Alpine Skiing.  12 miles w/ 5500ft of vert.  We had a skin failure were the glue was not sticking to the ski so we switched to just doing downhill and jumped on the lifts.  We did get in about 3 miles and 2000ft before that happened, the rest of the mileage and vert is just downhill.  My legs (especially the hips and quads) were fucking trashed today from the race.  Had to take a lot of breaks on the downhill due to cramping but the uphill was fine, just tired.  All good even though I think I was annoying Bob a little bit.  LOL...

Total Weekly Numbers

Not a bad week overall.  Was hoping for a bigger week than last week but ended about the same.  If I would have ran the whole course on Saturday and the legs would have held out longer on Sunday's ski it would have been a bigger week.  Still a really solid week that I am pleased about.  2 more big weeks then it is taper time for the Grand Traverse Ski.

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