Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Miwok 100k

To make sure that I can keep my qualifier for Western States in 2018 I put in for the Miwok 100k lottery last year not expecting to get in, much to my surprise I did get in.  No real plans to race this hard since it was so close to my blow up at Boston and since I finished Hurt 100 January there was no pressure to finish for a qualifier.  With that said I just went to San Fran and ran this for pure enjoyment and man was it an awesome race.  I would highly recommend Miwok to anyone.  The trails are awesome, the town is great, and the race organization is even better.  Just cruised at an easy pace all day finishing the 62.2 miles with 12,000ft of vertical in 12:16.  What an awesome day!  I think if I focused on this race that a 10 hour race is within reach.  Even though there is 12,000ft of climbing you can run every step if you are in good enough shape which is unusual.  This was also my first 100k (62 mile) race and I enjoyed the distance a lot.  I will be looking for more 100k's in the future.  Now for the good stuff, trail and travel porn..... Enjoy......

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