Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Boston Marathon

Another April means another Boston marathon.  Going to keep going to this race as long as I keep qualifying and Shawn will have me.  Love going out there and visiting with Shawn who was my college roommate at Colorado State and his family.  It was great to spend Easter weekend with them.  Thanks for having me guys!

Went into this year knowing that there was no way I was getting close to the 2:44 that I ran in 2016 but thought I could at least break 3 hours.  Well that was not the case, at mile 22ish I totally blew apart and walk/jogged it in to a 3:10 finish.  Guess I spent to much time skiing and biking this spring and not enough time doing quality runs.  Now I know you can't do it all.  Just another notch in the Year of Mediocrity, that is what I am calling 2017.  A year of doing a lot of things just OK and not really focusing on anything.  I am good with it because I still qualified for next year so I will be back.