Friday, July 19, 2013

Hardrock Pacing

Last weekend I got the honor of once again pacing JT through the last miles of the Hardrock 100 in Southwestern Colorado.  This has become one of my favorite things to do every summer.  I actually put pacing at Hardrock in front of my own races just because I love this course so much.  This year I got to see 35ish miles of the course that I have not seen before.  

I paced JT from Ouray to KT aid station.  Here is the GPS tracks for that section: (awesome profile huh?)

I am not going to rehash all the details but you can read JT's race report here.  Pretty much I just stuffed him full of No Doz and kept him moving through the night.  Of course I think I took just as many No Doz as he did.

Here are some of photos I took throughout the weekend.  They are in order that I took them, from the race start to JT's finish.  Of course there is none from the night because I did not want to blind him with the flash.