Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quadrock 25 miler- FAIL

Just realized that I did not post a race report for the Quadrock 25 miler.

The short and only version I am going to take the time to put up is that I got hurt at mile 17 and had to hobble out about 2 miles to the last aid station to drop.  The run was going great up to the point that I was bombing down a double wide trail at about 6:30ish pace when I stepped on a rock wrong and flipped my right ankle over to the outside and went tumbling down the hill.

At that point I made a homemade cane and limped out.  Photo by Mike Hodges who hiked up the trail to check on me and keep me company on my 1 hour/ 1.5 mile hobble out.  Thanks Mike!

When I got home I crawled into bed for a short nap and I woke up to this.

At which point I could not walk on it anymore so Ashley made me go to the ER to get an xray.

 No break THANK GOD!  I just tore the ligaments that connect the 2 bones that I circled in the xray.  So that meant crutches for a few days, lots of ice, and some PT work which I am still doing 2 weeks later.

"Are you ok daddy?"