Monday, May 6, 2013

Kohl 5K

Had a much better race than I expected at the Kohl Elementary 5K this past weekend.  I was curious where my speed fitness was before the Bolder Boulder later this month.  With GZ pushing me I was able to hit a new PR of 18:31.  Thanks GZ!  You can see his longer report here.

My whole approach to this race was to try and run by heart rate.  Keeping it between 170-175 the first 2 miles and ignore it the last 1.1 miles.  This approach seems to work good for me for the 5K distance.  I am not sure how I am going to approach the 10K yet.  Maybe 165-170?

Anyways here is the breakdown according to Garmin Connect.


  1. Nice work. For what it is worth, my watch shows that I was faster than you for both mile one and 2, even though I was behind you by the first turn into the course. My pace over the last 1.1 however was never better than 6 minute pace ... and you blew me away there.

  2. That is weird, I wonder if my watch is off. I am pretty pleased with this result for me, it is now my PR. I would like to see a 17:somthing but I don't think I will ever hit that. Good seeing ya out there and thanks again for letting me borrow that book.

  3. Smokin' it. Now that my spring marathon is done, I really want to work on those middle distance times. Next race is the bolder Boulder. I'd like to break 41.

  4. Thanks Dale. How did you do at the Fort Collins Marathon? I will be at the Bolder Boulder too. I am going for sub 40 but don't think I can get there.