Thursday, February 21, 2013

WWII Photos

This past week my uncle has started slowly sharing some of the photos that my Grandfather took while in Europe during WWII.  I did not even know they existed and doubt any of my family did either.    I wish he would just put them all into digital format and send them all out to the rest of the family but he does not seem to be heading in that direction.  He is slowly sharing them one at a time for whatever reason.  Anyways here are 4 of my favorites so far.  Hopefully there will be more to come.

German tank along the roads in Italy.

Grandpa took this image in 1944-45 while stationed in Italy. The men on the train are repatriated Italians returning to fight for the Allies after their defeat while fighting with the Nazis. He couldn't believe these men clinging onto the train to return home.

Lt. Donzel J. (Jack) Headley, at right riding in a gondola in Venice during World War II while he was stationed in Naples.  

Lt. Donzel J. (Jack) Headley, poses on the tail of a shot down German bomber during World War II while he was stationed in Naples.  This photo is my favorite one so far.