Monday, February 18, 2013

Crash and Burn!

I have come to realize that February just blows.  Every year something happens in February that derails my plans, training, and/or life in general.   Think this is the 3rd year in a row something has happened.  If it is true that things happen in threes maybe this will be the last year then.

This year everything was going great with my new approach to training as you can see here.  Solid 52 hour month in January.  That is even with 5 days off during the month.  Then on January 29th I started coughing at work hard enough that my boss sent me home.  Through out the evening and night it got worse enough that I went to the doctor the next day, Walking Fucking Pneumonia!  Needless to say it made me bed ridden for about 4 days for I would be out of breath just going to the bathroom and back.  It took just under 2 weeks for things to turn around to where I was hiking and slow jogging again.  I figured with Red Hot 55K not until Feb 19th it would just be a really long taper and was still planning on making the trip to Moab.

On Monday Feb 11th after my first few 10+mile trail runs in over 10 days the previous weekend I fell on the concrete stairs at work, 5 days before Red Hot.  Needless to say I could not walk without a major limp on my left leg.  What did the doctor say?  Deep bone bruise of course, just below the left knee.  At least it was not a break even though it felt like one.  I cancelled my trip and Moab and took a great big fat 5 miles on the week which I got on Friday morning hiking with Jay making first tracks up Bear Peak after a snow storm the night before.  It was a painful hike on the downhills which lead to me taking Saturday and Sunday off also.

So now it is Monday the 18th and I thought I would test out the leg today to see where it sits.  I did  an easy 6 mile trail run today in Boulder with little pain.  I mean it is still there but it is not a sharp pain anymore like it was.  It is more like when your foot falls asleep and you try walking on it.  Not painful, just weird.  So when my left foot hits the ground (especially on downhills) I get that "foot asleep" feeling from just below my knee to just above my ankle.  Hopefully I am not causing more damage to the area.  My thinking is that by increasing the blood flow maybe it will help the healing process along.

So I guess it is time to start all over, again.  At least it is only February still.

I guess this is enough bitching so lets end with something positive.  Saw this on JT's Facebook page, well worth sharing.  The timing that he posted it was right when I was going through one of my pity parties, perfect.