Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Prototype Shuttle in the Hood

On my way home from work yesterday there was this cool prototype shuttle sitting in the field across the street from my neighborhood.  The news article on it can be found here.  Pretty freaking cool!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Time flies...

Today is Ashley and I's 2nd wedding anniversary and on June 1st we will be together for 5 years.  Man time flies.  Here are some photos of us over the past couple of years in no special order.  Looking forward to many more adventures in the years to come.

Kauai 2012

Broncos verse Jets 2011

Start of Leadville 100 2010

Our small wedding @ Garden of the Gods 2010

Sliding down 14er Castle 2009

 Democrat 14er Loop 2009

Democrat 14er Loop 2009

Breckenridge Christmas 2008

Mount Sherman 14er 2008

Playing with Dragon @ family reunion 2008

James Peak 13er 2008

Trying to keep me moving and warm Leadville 100 2008

Supporting me at my first ultra (50K) 2007

On our second or third date I took her to a family wedding. 2007

Friday, May 11, 2012

Road Runner Sports 2nd Thursday Adventure Run

The family went last night to do this Adventure Run together at Road Runners Sports in Westminster.  It was a blast.  You check in between 5-6 at Road Runners Sports where if you pre-signed up you get tickets for free beer afterwards from a local microbrew.  Then you cruise the vendor booths until 6 pm.  If you chat with the vendors you get raffle tickets for later, you will see the point of the raffle tickets in a bit.

At 6 pm a huge map is shown with 12 check points that are businesses in the area on it.  You have until 7pm to visit as many as possible and get back to Road Runners Sports.  We (wife, 11 year old, and myself) were able to hit up 4 check points covering about 3.5 miles.  You lose lots of time at the beginning writing down the 12 locations and at the check points getting your paper signed.  At each check point you collect more raffle tickets.  The further way the check point the more tickets you get.

Here is a picture of the map.

When you return to Road Runners Sports before 7pm, you throw all your raffle tickets (we had about 25 between the 3 of us) into a pot for a raffle of about $1000 worth of prizes.

We had a blast, this was a great family event for us.  I was surprised how much fun Braden and Ashley had with it.  We plan on going again next month if Braden does not have a baseball game.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Greenlands Trail 50K Ultramarathon May 5 2012

Well another 50K that sucked ass....... Ran the Greenland Trail 50K south of Denver for a big fat DNF.

Here is a breakdown of what happened. It was pretty warm in the upper 70s to lower 80s with what felt like just dead hot air.   The course is basically 4 laps with about 500-600 feet of climbing and downhill in each lap.

Started the race with 1 bottle of Carboplex/Gatorade mix. The goal was to try to drink one bottle or more per lap which would give me about 250 calories with 20oz of fluid.  I put bags of my powdered mix at the turn around so all I would have to do is dump it in the bottle, top with water from the aid station and go. 

Lap 1: Time 1:00- I just settled into a pace that felt comfortable and just cruised along with the people around me. Feeling good for was the same pace (7:30-8 mins per mile) that I have been doing all my long runs at. 
Total input for lap: 1 bottle of Carboplex/Gatorade mix

Lap 2: Time 1:02- Refilled one bottle with the mix and water at the turn around but only drank half of it on this lap.  Looking back this was dumb, I should have forced it down even if I did not want it.
Total input for lap: 1/2 bottle of Carboplex/Gatorade mix

Lap 3: Time 1:29-At the turn around I noticed that I was feeling woozy and weak.  Topped off my half drank bottle with just water and popped one salt tab.   About 1-1.5 miles from leaving the turn around I puked and started cramping up in the mid section.  Lots of walking to come.  I just walked/jog this lap hoping I would start feeling better once the salt kicked in but that never happened.  On the downhill going to the end of the lap I was even walking because every time I started jogging I would cramp up in the mid section and want to puke.
Total input for lap:  1 bottle of half strength Carboplex/Gatorade mix
Salt tabs- 1

Lap 4: Time DNF- When I got to the turn around to start lap 4 I  decided that I was not in the mood for an 8 mile death march to the end since all the race was for me was a long training run so I dropped. 

Total time: DNF

I know that in the eyes of some this was a pussy move to drop with 8 miles to go but I am trying to keep the big picture in mind this year.  By not putting myself into a deep hole, recovery has been quick and back to normal training within 2 days.  Hell, I went for a 30 mile/2000ft bike ride the next day.  I know if I would have pushed that last lap out it might have taken me a week or more to recover back to normal.  I am happy OK with my choice and this has been my longest run year to date which is just plan sad.  Now I truly know how much work I have to do before Leadville,  a F'ing LOT!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Weight Check In

Ever since this post right after the Red Hot 33K I have been keeping a food journal using on the web and the App on the IPhone in an attempt to get the weight down a bit.  I am getting close to what I had in mind when I started this process, 165lbs.  This morning I weighed in at 168, down 10 pounds since mid-Feb.   Here is a chart from of my progress.

Hopefully this will help shave some time off at upcoming races as long as I don't loss any strength.  It has been a challenge to train hard, lose weight, and fell good at the same time.  Basically I never really feel good.  That should change as I get to my goal weight and up my daily calories just to maintain.  Really looking forward to that. 

If your interested here is the link to my food journal, I still eat like crap a lot.

Post about my Greenland 50K meltdown will follow in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nora Mae Schmitt

New family member has arrived!!!  My sister had her 3rd child and 1st girl!  Nora Mae Schmitt was born May 1st around 10:30pm at just over 10lbs and 22 inches long.

Welcome Nora!  Your uncle Shad and aunt Ashley love you already!