Friday, May 11, 2012

Road Runner Sports 2nd Thursday Adventure Run

The family went last night to do this Adventure Run together at Road Runners Sports in Westminster.  It was a blast.  You check in between 5-6 at Road Runners Sports where if you pre-signed up you get tickets for free beer afterwards from a local microbrew.  Then you cruise the vendor booths until 6 pm.  If you chat with the vendors you get raffle tickets for later, you will see the point of the raffle tickets in a bit.

At 6 pm a huge map is shown with 12 check points that are businesses in the area on it.  You have until 7pm to visit as many as possible and get back to Road Runners Sports.  We (wife, 11 year old, and myself) were able to hit up 4 check points covering about 3.5 miles.  You lose lots of time at the beginning writing down the 12 locations and at the check points getting your paper signed.  At each check point you collect more raffle tickets.  The further way the check point the more tickets you get.

Here is a picture of the map.

When you return to Road Runners Sports before 7pm, you throw all your raffle tickets (we had about 25 between the 3 of us) into a pot for a raffle of about $1000 worth of prizes.

We had a blast, this was a great family event for us.  I was surprised how much fun Braden and Ashley had with it.  We plan on going again next month if Braden does not have a baseball game.