Thursday, May 10, 2012

Greenlands Trail 50K Ultramarathon May 5 2012

Well another 50K that sucked ass....... Ran the Greenland Trail 50K south of Denver for a big fat DNF.

Here is a breakdown of what happened. It was pretty warm in the upper 70s to lower 80s with what felt like just dead hot air.   The course is basically 4 laps with about 500-600 feet of climbing and downhill in each lap.

Started the race with 1 bottle of Carboplex/Gatorade mix. The goal was to try to drink one bottle or more per lap which would give me about 250 calories with 20oz of fluid.  I put bags of my powdered mix at the turn around so all I would have to do is dump it in the bottle, top with water from the aid station and go. 

Lap 1: Time 1:00- I just settled into a pace that felt comfortable and just cruised along with the people around me. Feeling good for was the same pace (7:30-8 mins per mile) that I have been doing all my long runs at. 
Total input for lap: 1 bottle of Carboplex/Gatorade mix

Lap 2: Time 1:02- Refilled one bottle with the mix and water at the turn around but only drank half of it on this lap.  Looking back this was dumb, I should have forced it down even if I did not want it.
Total input for lap: 1/2 bottle of Carboplex/Gatorade mix

Lap 3: Time 1:29-At the turn around I noticed that I was feeling woozy and weak.  Topped off my half drank bottle with just water and popped one salt tab.   About 1-1.5 miles from leaving the turn around I puked and started cramping up in the mid section.  Lots of walking to come.  I just walked/jog this lap hoping I would start feeling better once the salt kicked in but that never happened.  On the downhill going to the end of the lap I was even walking because every time I started jogging I would cramp up in the mid section and want to puke.
Total input for lap:  1 bottle of half strength Carboplex/Gatorade mix
Salt tabs- 1

Lap 4: Time DNF- When I got to the turn around to start lap 4 I  decided that I was not in the mood for an 8 mile death march to the end since all the race was for me was a long training run so I dropped. 

Total time: DNF

I know that in the eyes of some this was a pussy move to drop with 8 miles to go but I am trying to keep the big picture in mind this year.  By not putting myself into a deep hole, recovery has been quick and back to normal training within 2 days.  Hell, I went for a 30 mile/2000ft bike ride the next day.  I know if I would have pushed that last lap out it might have taken me a week or more to recover back to normal.  I am happy OK with my choice and this has been my longest run year to date which is just plan sad.  Now I truly know how much work I have to do before Leadville,  a F'ing LOT!