Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March's Numbers

Not to bad of a month overall, lots of good quality runs. I was shooting for a little bit more mileage but I did miss one 2.5 hour run when I was moving that would have put me lots closer to the 300 mile mark, maybe this month I will hit 300. Here is how it all breaks down so far.

March 1st - March 31th

Miles covered on foot: 260.1

Vertical gain: 32,401 feet

Total hours (includes weights,swimming,biking,ect.): 42:37:00

Now here is the breakdown year to date.

Jan 1st - March 31st

Miles covered on foot: 676.05

Vertical gain: 88,459 feet

Total hours (includes weights,swimming,biking,ect.): 123:59:32

At this time last year I had ran 489 miles by the end of March. That is quite a difference in mileage in my mind. This next month should be about the same I think as March. The first 2 weeks of the month will be higher mileage weeks for me then it is taper time for the 50 miler in Buena Vista on May 2nd. You can also check out my on-line log by clicking on the link on the right hand side of the webpage.

Have a great week.