Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How the Kenyan's do it?

I think that yesterday I had the toughest treadmill workout that I have ever done, WOW! Thanks for the challenge Paul, I did way better than last week when I only got down to 6:40 pace before experiencing stomach cramping due to not feeling well.

Prescribed run: 1:15:00 cut-down run run on the treadmill. See how it compares with last week now that you have the hang of the protocol…. Start at 9:30 pace and go .1MPH faster each .25 miles. Go as long as you can using this protocol (you won’t be able to do it the whole way) and then back off to a “comfortable hard” pace that is in-between your tempo pace and easy pace (try 8:15 pace) for the remainder of time.

What I did: Started at 9:30pace for 1/2 mile then increased speed by 0.1mph every 1/4mile and was able to cut down the entire time!! Made it all the way down to 5:56pace or 10.1mph!!! Awesome! Max HR was 179 during last 1/4mile. Ended up covering 10 miles on the treadmill.

This run is one tough puppy. Basically you are doing a speed workout without the recovery. The next time I do this workout I am going to have to start at a faster pace than 9:30 per mile so that I can do some "comfortably hard" running after the cutdowns and not run out of time.

Maybe I am in better shape than I give myself credit for??? Have a great week.


  1. I agree with you that is one "tough puppy" I hated the tm before and hate it even more now! Give me Falcon any day of the week!

    Speaking of Falcon, we should sync up our schedules to see if we can get over there for a complete double - whad'ya think?

    email me:

    Talk soon

  2. What's the complete double? Thinking of trying this one out next time I'm in Denver, but if it would be a good long run I would probably come up just to run this.

  3. Jon,

    This is what I sent Scott.
    I have done the double (assuming we mean the same thing) 2 times already this year. I talk a buddy of mine into joining me the first time up which keeps my pace slower than normal then I usually solo the second time. What I have been doing is going up the Castle trail up to the upper lot then jump on Parmalee go around and also do Devil's Elbow and come back down Turkey Trot (like coming down this way so I don't have to worry about bikes behind me), this came out to a 12 mile loop. Refuel at the car then go back up Castle to the upper lot and come back down Turkey Trot again. This run gave me 20.25 miles and about 6300ft of climbing (did it 2 weeks ago). Going at an easy pace this took me about 4 hours. I want to get to the point where I am doing the 1st loop twice, if I did that it would be 24 miles and over 7000ft of climbing. I am getting to that point slowly and thinking of doing it this weekend depending on weather and what snow blows in. If I do I expect to be out there about 4.5 hours or so. I don't know how that pace fits in with your pace but I always enjoy the company.

    Hopefully there will not be to much snow in this storm that they are calling for.

    Here is where you can find the trailmap for the area we are talking about.

    Let me know if you ever want to set up a long run, more than willing assuming that it works out with the family time. Going to drive down there one of these weekends for a CRUD run. I was going to last Saturday but ended up moving into the new house and actually missed one of my runs. Oh well, moving was a workout in itself.


  4. Thinking of coming up on Sunday to do this, I'll keep you posted.

  5. Holy crap! sub-6! Man, you are in shape! That sounds like an extremely hard workout. I can see how it could benefit.

  6. If you're near a computer on Saturday, let me know if you think the Mt. Falcon loop will be runnable on Sunday.

  7. Think CRUD is coming up your way this Saturday, you should join us.