Friday, April 24, 2009

Do you have ORD?

My buddy Neal is trying to create a category in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Psychological Disorders for ORD. Also known as Obsessive Running Disorder. Code: 26.2

The Patient must meet eight of the eleven criteria listed below:

1) Ignores familial obligations to run.

2) Obsessively thinks about running interrupting workplace obligations.

3) Runs to the point of exhaustion and/or injury and maintains a strong desire to continue to run.

4) Talks about running 5-10 times a day exhausting friends, family, and co-workers.

5) Has purchased 5 or more running shoes in the past year and measures the wear on a daily basis to determine if they need new shoes.

6) Owns and does not throw out every copy of Runner’s World for the past 10 years. (Ultrarunning or Triathlete magizine also counts)

7) Signs up for Ultra Marathons multiple years in a row.

8) Shares their training experiences on a social network site on a daily basis

9) Spends more money on food for themselves than on a car payment

10) You go to take your clothes out of the washer and they are already dry

11) When friend or colleague says “what a nice day,” you talk about how it is hard to break a 7:00 min mile pace when it is too sunny and over 55 degrees.

I’ve already met nine of the eleven, you?

Any other criteria that we are missing?