Monday, June 16, 2008

Log for the week of 6/9-6/15

Since completing my 1st 50 miler this week has had a focus of just staying active with anything and not sitting around the house. I did not run a lot of hard miles this week but I feel like I got in some good recovery along with some good hill work with the Barr Trail run that I did on Saturday. Here is a quick breakdown of the week.

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: Run 4 miles on the treadmill; Bike 15 mins with a fast easy spin

Wednesday: Bike 30 mins; Lifted weights for 45 mins

Thursday: Run 3 miles on the treadmill; Bike 30 mins with a fast easy spin

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Run 25.5 miles up Incline to Barr Trail then to top of Pikes Peak then came down the Barr Trail. Total ~8100 feet of gain/loss; Total time 7 hours


Total miles for the week: 32.5 miles

Total time for the week: 10.5 hours

Not to bad as far as total hours for the week, trying to keep it above 10 hours per week even on my recovery weeks.

Here are some pictures from my Saturday long run:

This is a great training run with lots of hills. I am going to try and do this 2-3 more times before Leadville. If I can do this climb with no major problems then Hope Pass durning Leadville 100 should be cake (hopefully!).

This Saturday is the Mount Evans Ascent which is one of my favorite races. This year I am using this as training so my time is not going to be 2:30 like last year. I expect it to be closer to 3 hours. I am going to try and run down some of it also for some extra mileage after the race, may not be able to due to all the traffic that will be up there.

Anyway enough rambling on. Have a great week and get out there and run!