Monday, September 18, 2023

Sept 11th- Sept 17th

  “If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?” - T.S. Eliot


7 AM: 1 hour at the gym

Warmup: Rowing, mobility

Bench Press : 3 Rep Max : 585 lbs | 195 lbs
3 Bench Press | 195 lbs


FT: 5 mins 23 secs | Rx'd
50 Row Calories
40 Push-ups
30 Burpees

9:30 AM:  Walk 2.3 miles in 39mins.   Paula has to go into the office the beginning of this week so I grabbed Venus from her house and let her hang out with me most of the day. Took her out a bit this morning before the forecasted rain this afternoon.

2:30 PM: 5.2 miles w/ 400ft of vert averaging 7:50pace. Easy miles from Coalton Trailhead up and over the mesa and back towards Superior on Dirty Bizmark. Super chill, rough start but loosened up nicely.

6:45 AM:  1.5 hours at the gym
Warmup: Airbike, jump rope, mobility and drills

10 RFT: 16 mins 23 secs
10 rounds of:
40 Double Unders
8 Toes-to-bars
1 Rope Climb, 15 ft

- then-

"Tabata" - Echo Bike Calories : 4 x 3:45 w/ 4 mins rest between: 267 cal.
Tabata Echo Bike Calorie | 72,63,65,67

9:30 AM:  Walk 2.1 miles in 34mins.  Morning walk around the hood with Venus before it gets hot outside.  She does not do well in anything over 70-75 degrees.

2 PM:  5.1 miles averaging 7:40pace.  Easy mileage over at Davidson Mesa keeping it flat today. Calves/ankles are a little wrecked from all the double unders this morning so did not want to pile on with hills.  Walked another 1 mile cooldown afterwards.

7 AM:  4.6 miles w/ 1000ft of vert in an hour.  Easy run/hike with RBA catching up on life from NCAR along the Mesa Trail. Have not chatted in a long time so it was good to catch-up some. Such a great morning out there today!

4 PM:  Walk 2.2 miles in 37mins.  Easy afternoon walk around the neighborhood. Needed to get out some.  Followed this up with a 5 min cold plunge.

  -NOTE:  Weight check in:  173.6 at 10%... Down a touch but pretty much the same.

8:30 AM:  4.1 miles averaging 7:45pace.  Easy cruise on the trails around the gym to warmup for the running in the WOD.   Great morning out, perfect for running.

9:15 AM: Warmup: Running, mobility and drills (1.75 miles of running between warmup and WOD)

FT: 18 mins 13 secs 
Run, 1 mi
Row, 2000 m
Assault Bike, 3000 m

-- Really liked this one.  Might come up with one at home that has a Skierg instead of the rower.

2 PM:  Walk 2.2 miles in 36mins.  Neighborhood walk before the rain hits this afternoon.  Got done just as it started.  3min cold plunge right afterwards.

7 AM:  1 hour at the gym

Warmup: Airbike, mobility and drills

10x 1 min : 64 reps
10 rounds, 1 min each, of:
20 Air Squats
max rep Clean & Jerks, 50% 1RM | 105 lbs | 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, and 10
Rest 2 mins

Moderate effort.. racing tomorrow. Capped it at 6 reps except the last round 

8 AM:  4 miles averaging 8:15pace.  Easy shakeout jog right after the gym on the Rock Creek trail which is right across the street from the gym.  Super chill.

7 AM:  Pikes Peak Ascent.  13 miles w/ 7800ft of vert in 3:14:34.  Pikes Peak Ascent... Honestly was not expecting on having an awesome day on the hill but did not think I would get a personal worst either. Felt good until I got to AFrame around 2:10 into the race which is just over 3 miles to go. Was looking for liquid calories and all they had was water. Bonked hard after that walking almost every step of the last 3 miles to the finish. I should have had one of my Tailwind packets on me, that was totally on me. Outside of that I thought it went well for where I am right now which is not in this kind of racing shape. Time to get back to it.  Was surprised that even though I was 132nd out of 1800 people I still pulled off a 4th in my age group, lots of young fast guys this year.  

Thanks again JT for the bed to crash in the night before so I would not have to wake up quite as early for the 2 hour drive.  

8 AM:  6.4 miles averaging 8:16 pace.  2 super chill laps around Davidson Mesa this morning.  Legs are smashed from yesterday of course so took about 2 miles before my pace dipped below 9 min pace.  Can totally tell I have not hardly run any hills since Hardrock.  

1 PM: Walk 2 miles in 35mins. Easy dog walk with Venus at halftime of a football game I was watching.  Most of the day was on the couch with the dog watching football and checking on friends running the Pikes Peak Marathon.

Total Weekly Numbers
Solid week for the most part even with a small mini taper in there.  This next week will be more hiking than running unless I can get in a bunch of miles before Friday.  We are leaving for a 4 day weekend in Silverton next weekend for a women of Hardrock camp that Paula signed up for.  I am just planning on hiking with the dog most of the time.

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