Monday, June 5, 2023

May 29th- June 4th

“The journey is never ending. There's always gonna be growth, improvement, adversity; you just gotta take it all in and do what's right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment.” - Antonio Brown


7 AM:  8 miles total with Bolder Boulder and warmup.  Ran the Bolder Boulder in 37:51... was surprised I could still pull this off especially after racing burros the past 2 days.  I had my doubts in my head the whole way but just kept grinding.... really wanted that Sub-40 shirt again and got it done.  Plus I ended up 2nd in my age group of 47 years young out of 300 people.  I'll take it.

10:30 AM:  1 hour at the gym.  Hung out at the finish for about an hour then jetted out of there and heading to the gym.  Been a few years since I have done the Bolder Boulder/Murph double.  Today was that day to do it again.  Of course I was trashed the rest of the day.

Murph : 41 mins 9 secs | Rx'd
Run, 1 mi
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Air Squats
Run, 1 mi

with 20 lbs weight vest

 -- then spent the rest of the afternoon with Dad, Sherryl, and Paula.  Dad and Sherryl are visiting for a few days.  Great to see them!

7 AM:   8.1 miles averaging 8min miles.  Easy cruise from Costco around Davidson Mesa and back.  Super chill today for I am sore and still wiped from the long weekend.  With that said it is now time to go all in for the next 6 weeks to get ready for Hardrock.  Lets Go!!!

2 PM:  6 miles w/ 500ft of vert averaging 8min miles.  Afternoon jog on the Dirty Biz from Coalton.  Out and back over the hill and back.  Stomach was a mess, barely made it to the porta potty where they are rebuilding all the houses in Superior.  Not sure what that is all about.

9 AM: 1 hour at the gym

Warmup: Rowing, mobility and drills

AMRAP 18 mins:  2 rounds + 500 m + 25 Dumbbell Sit-ups + 500 m | Rx'd
18:00 AMRAP:
Row, 500 m
25 Dumbbell Sit-ups
Row, 500 m
25 Tuck-ups

--  No run today... trashed from the past 2 days so took a recovery day per se.

-NOTE:  No weight check this morning... been eating out to much and like shit as well.  Should get back on track once I get to the mountains later today where my options are more limited.

7 AM:  7.3 miles w/ 2000ft of vert in 1:25.  Easy trail miles from NCAR over to the side of Green Mt and back.  The flowers are off the charts right now between NCAR and the Mesa Trail on the connector.  I was in awe....  Also Joe Gray passed me going up the Amp Trail on Green Mountain like I was standing still... what a damn beast.

9 AM: 1 hour at the gym

Warmup: Airbike, mobility and drills

10x AMRAP 2 mins:

10x 2:00 AMRAP:
20 Assault Bike Calories
- then AMRAP-
5 Hang Power Cleans, 50% 1RM | 95 lbs
5 Burpee Over Bars

- 1min rest

---- Noon: Left home over the lunch hour and drove up to the cabin in Fairplay where I finished out the work day.  Plan on being up here for most of the next 6 weeks to get ready for Hardrock.  Going to be a fun month!!

6:30 AM:  13.3 miles w/ 1900ft of vert averaging 9:45pace.  Morning jog from the cabin in Fairplay.  Mix of gravel roads, forest service roads, single track and the highway back from Alma to make this loop.  Found some really cool single track that dumped me into Alma that I could not find on any maps in the apps I use to find routes to run.  Will be exploring some more back there.

2 PM:  Joined and hit up the Alma gym just up the road.  $35 bucks a month.  Can't beat that.  Also the highest gym in North America at 10,300ft.  Just lifted some upper body and general strength stuff.  Stayed away from the legs with all the running coming up.  Hit up the distillery afterwards with Don and Amy for one of my favorite drinks, the Parson Brown....


8 AM:  19 miles w/ 3800ft of vert in 4 hours.  From the cabin to the top of Pennsylvania Mt (13,022ft) and back.  Lots of snow just below treeline but was able to go over most of it without post holing.  After hitting the summit I was not paying attendation and went down the wrong ridge.  Had to come back up some loose scree to get back to the trail on the right ridge.  Tried coming up on the snow fields instead of the scree but busted through and fell into a mine that was under the snow.  Scared the shit out of me and cut the leg up a little bit.  Adventurous day out there for sure.


7 AM:  10.7miles w/ 1100ft of vert averaging 8:50pace.  Easy run with the boys on a dirt road in Bailey with breakfast right afterwards at Cutthroat Cafe.  I would call this road a mini-mags.  Not quite as long or hilly but close and rolling between 7900ft and 8300ft.  

-- Spent the evening over at Don's house for dinner and watching the Nuggets lose in the 4th period.... Damn it!

Total Weekly Numbers

Super solid week from the Bolder Boulder/Murph combo to running most of my mileage this week above 9000ft.  Can not complain one bit about this week.  Hopefully will keep building on this week with more vertical.  Heading down to the front range this afternoon until Wed night for some appointments on Tuesday and Wed but will be back up here as soon as I can.  

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