Wednesday, July 20, 2022



 "Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” - George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel


There was so much that happened over the weekend I am not sure I have even processed it all.  It was a weekend for the books for sure.  It was also 11 plus years in the making.  

 I am going to approach this as a photo/video race report.  Most if not all of the photos/videos were taken by either Don, Donnie, Paula or Dan.  Thank you guys so much for documenting this for me.  I never could have done this without their support for sure!  This is truly a team sport even though only one person is running.

 Finished my first Hardrock in 34:25 for 22nd overall and 20th male.  I'll take it.  Quick recap- First 15-20 miles went okay just cruising along with Ryan Cooper until I started not moving well and he took off.  Felt that way until about mile 62 as we started climbing Handies and suddenly started feeling really good.  I mean really good!!!  Basically rode that wave all the way to the finish.  Even running the last 9.4 miles w/ 2800ft of vert over Little Giant to the finish in 2:25.  It was a hell of a second day for me.

This is going to be a long photo bomb so strap in.


Thank you everyone!!! Could not have done this without everyone's support. 


  1. Shad - awesome on so many fronts. Congrats man. Looking forward to catching up on this sometime soon.

  2. Good for you. Nice work!

  3. Great photos and a huge congratulations on your finish! I was honored to be beaten by you in Fairplay on the 4th! :-)