Monday, May 9, 2022

May 2nd- May 8th


“Perfection itself is imperfection.” - Vladimir Horowitz

 This week was all imperfection.....  hopefully it makes it perfect.   Doubt it but one can be hopeful.


10 AM:  Mayham lifting in the garage- Upper Body Anterior (Chest & Bicep)

3 rounds
10 Perfect Pushups (controlled form)
15 band pull-a-parts
5 PVC Around the Worlds (each way)
10 wall angels

Bench Press
5 sets: 6 reps

Alternating DB Bench Press
4 sets: 10 reps (each side)

Alt. Incline DB Bench
4 sets: 10 reps (each side)

Decline Chest Fly
4 sets: 12 reps

Single DB Double Head Curl
4 sets: 12 reps

Seated Alternating DB Curl
4 sets: 10 reps (each side)


7 AM: 10.5 miles w/ 3100ft of vert in 2:15.  Parked at NCAR and ran Mesa Trail to Bluebell to Amp to Green Summit down Bear Canyon back to the side of NCAR then up the hill to the truck. This might be one of my go too 10 milers leading up to HR.  Great combo of running and hiking.  Really good loop.  Best I have felt on a run in weeks today.  Surprised that there was snow above 7000ft.  I was hoping for an inversion on the summit of Green but it was in the clouds as well.  No real views today. 

4 PM: 55mins in the garage doing Mayham lifting Upper Body Posterior (Back & Triceps)

3 Rounds
15/12 cal row
10 scap pullups
15 bent over barbell rows (empty bar)
5 down dog/seal pose transitions

Strict Pull-Ups with weight added
5 sets: 6 reps

Lat Pulldowns
4 sets: 10 reps

Seated Neutral Grip Cable Row
4 sets: 10 reps

Straight Arm Lat Pull Down
4 sets: 10 reps

Barbell Skull Crushers
4 sets: 10 reps

Single Arm Standing Tricep DB French Press
4 sets: 10 reps (each side)

8 AM: 9 miles w/ 700ft of vert averaging 8min pace.  Parked at Costco and ran Marshall Road to Hwy 93, then back to Cherryville to HWY 36 and the bike path back to Costco.  Made for a great loop with a shitter halfway at Marshall Mesa Trailhead that I needed.  LOL....  First few miles were slowwwww, my calf was bothering me when starting again today, think it is from hitting it with the Theragun last night.  Might lay off that for a bit on that calf or would it be better to keep doing it?  Not sure....  Tested out the new Arc'teryx hard/rain shell I bought for Hardrock in all this rain and it is bomb proof.  Giddy up.


7 AM: 5 miles w/ 1400ft of vert averaging 10:50pace.  Super chill lap of Mount Santias going up the ridge hiking and running down Lions.  Ran the road back to the parking lot instead of Sunshine Canyon trail to get a little bit more turn over in the legs.  Feeling really good today, especially uphill.  Calf still a little bit aggravated but better than yesterday.

3 PM:  1:20 --- Combo of different tracks on Mayham.. some Murph prep and lifting.

Airbike 3 mins
3 pullups
6 pushups
9 air squats

Andy Griffith Murph Prep Monday:
10 Minute AMRAP
20 cal Airdyne
10 Strict Pull-Ups
-Rest 5 Minutes-
10 Minute AMRAP
20 cal Airdyne
20 Push-Ups
-Rest 5 Minutes-
10 Minute AMRAP
20 cal Airdyne
30 Air Squats

Shoulder Press
5 sets: 6 reps

Seated Single Arm DB Press
4 sets: 10 reps (each side)

Bent Over Lateral Raises
4 sets: 10 reps

Evening: Got out this evening with Paula to watch GZ play over at Rails End.  Good times!

Friday:  Wishing Paula a great race this weekend.  She starts the 18 Hours of Fruita Mountain Bike race tonight at mid-night racing until 6pm Saturday.  Will be tracking that as much as I can tomorrow.  I could not go along due to jogging Quadrock 25 tomorrow.  Here is a photo of her at the MTB camp last week in Bentonville AR kicking ass.

9 am: 5.3 miles averaging 8 min pace.  Easy cruise out the door with a combo of Standley Lake trails and neighborhood roads.  First 2 miles were slowwww... took a bit for the calf to loosen up and fire correctly.  So fucking weird.  Outside of the weird calf issue all is good.

2pm:  1:22 of Mayham lifting Arms and Core

3 Rounds
15 cal ski
15 banded bicep curls (light band – fast reps)
15 cal ski
15 banded tricep extenstions (light band – fast reps)
2 rounds
10 PVC pass throughs
5 PVC around the worlds (each direction)
10 Arm circles (each direction)
5 Down dog/seal pose transitions

Deficit Pushups
5 sets: 10 reps

5 sets: 10 reps

Inverted Skull Crusher
4 sets: 10 reps

Standing Barbell Curl
4 set: 10 reps

Single Arm DB Kickback
4 sets: 10 reps (each side)

Single Dumbbell Waiter Hold Curl
4 sets: 10 reps

For Quality:
4 Rounds
15 Abmat Situps
20 Flutter Kicks (each side)
30 Sec Plank
40 yd KB Front Racked Left/Overhead Carry Right
40 yd KB Front Racked Right/Overhead Carry Left
30 sec plank
20 Flutter Kick (each side)
15 abmat situps

*Rest 2:00 b/t sets


Morning: "Woe is Me Day" today....... fuck me, hate it when I do this shit.  One of those depression days that hit me hard.  Went to bed at 8:30pm Friday night, woke up at 11pm and could not fall back to sleep until 2:30am.  Needless to say I had to get up at 3am to get ready to leave for Quadrock in Fort Collins.  Made the call that between the lack of sleep and the calf still hurting not to go and stayed in bed.  Looking back at it I of course regret it.  It sent me in a downward spiral for the day where I did not get out of my PJs until Sunday morning.  While I was doing my pity party all day, Paula was deep into the 18 Hours of Fruita MTB race which she got 3rd place.  Such a rockstar! Below is a photo of the start.



10 AM:   15.1 miles w/ 1100ft of vert on the MTB.  Easy loop of Dirty Bizmark from Marshall Mesa with Rebecca... really digging cycling again for whatever reason.   Did not take any photos this morning for some reason.  Oh well.... but here is a photo of letting Paula's dog out while she was a way.  HA!


Total Weekly Numbers


Yes a very imperfect week:




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