Thursday, August 10, 2017

Xterra Eldora Trail 10k

Been a while since I have raced so I thought it was time to see where I stood fitness wise.  I was signed up for my first Xterra Triathlon for Saturday but considering that I have not been in the pool since Febuary or on a bike in 8 weeks thought it might just be better to run the 10k Trail Run instead which the race director was more than happy to switch me too. 

Not knowing what to expect went out hard with the leaders only to start falling back about a mile into the race, just couldn't hang.  At that point I was running in 3rd as a young dude rolled up next to me asking me if I was ok which confused the hell out of me.  Guess I was limping a little in my gait due to my bum left achilles that I have been battling for a while.  Anyways we stuck together until about mile 5 where he put a 100ft gap on me during a techinal downhill.  At that point I was running 4th as we headed into a heavy forrested area following a game trail.  Losing sight of him in the trees I some how followed the wrong game trail which ended up coming to a dead end at a lake.  After bush wacking up the hill to get back on the correct course I jogged it in for a finish in 48 something taking 6th overall and second old guy.  Bummer to give that up right at the end like that but it happens.  Still a solid hard effort at 10,000ft for just under an hour and walked away with winning a LaSportiva running shirt.  Really enjoyed this one, it was close to the house and a true trail run.

Great reminder how much I really do like racing hard which was much needed.  I have kind of fallen into a funk lately and think this might have been what I needed, we will see.