Monday, August 21, 2017

Bolivia in June

So back in the beginning of the year Bob invited me along on a trip to Bolivia to attempt Huayna Potosí which is a 6000 meter peak just outside the capital city of La Paz which I accepted. 

I am going to break this trip into two different post.  This one being mostly a photo dump from the trip with the exception of summit day and then I will do another post shortly about summit day. 

I was extremely nervous about this trip due to the fact that it would be my first trip outside of the US, yes sad I know.  I mean I have been to Mexico before you needed a passport to go there but I don't count that since this is the first time I have had a passport.  Going with Bob, his brother Tom, and Carlo who have been all around the world put me at ease quite a bit.

Anyways we were there for only 7 days but packed in a lot.  Below is a photo dump of most every but summit day.  Enjoy!

Farmers Market- blocks and blocks of this.

Blew on the clutch on all the hills on day 1, Tom waiting for the car rental company to bring a new car.

Recon trip of Huayna Potosí on day 1

Approaching Huayna Potosí

Old cemetery with Huayna Potosí in the background

Government check point- yes we had to pay a fee

Start of the trail up Huayna Potosí

Bob at 17,000ft on Huayna Potosí turn around point on the recon trip

Carlo and Bob feeling good at 17,000ft, me not so much.  Going from 5000ft to 17000ft on 3 hours of sleep within 24hours was not a good call on my part.  Of course I was the only one hit hard by it.

Tom and I at a fair at the college

Suburbs of La Paz

View from the condo we rented in La Paz

Think they are fans of Trump?

We don't need no traffic lights here!
City views.

Church in the city square

The capital of Bolivia

The prettiest street in La Paz, or so they say.

Church built in the mid 1500s.

Bob taking in the views on the gondola.  They have a gondola system instead of a subway system there due to the mountain terrain.

Looking back at La Paz as we head to the suburbs on the gondola

Tom on the gondola

City views of La Paz at over 14,000ft

Night time city views at 14,000ft

La Paz at night

May be the poorest country in South America but they do have a sweet gondola system.  These are all over the city.

Goodby Huayna Potosí!  It was a blast!