Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Love Me Some Summer Time in Colorado

I think the photos below will explain why I have a hard time ever imagining leaving the great state of Colorado, I love that I can basically go on vacation at will.  Took a few days off work and went down to the San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado for some mountain time.  Got more new breweries for the list than summits but that is OK. 

Started out with a brewery on the way and in Ouray of course while I was waiting to pace Donnie at Hardrock.

Donnie had a good showing at his first Hardrock and bounced back from some tough times.  Proud of the dude for sticking it out.

After Hardrock had some car trouble so had to return to Montrose to get that addressed.  Of course that meant more brewery stops and a little exploring by Black Canyon National Park while the car was in the shop.  Took a 2 hour side trip on the way back to Silverton to hit up Telluride Brewery, could not resist.

Tuesday Bob came down to Silverton to jump on the train to hit up the four 14ers in the Chicago Basin.  Of course weather limited us to only grabbing 2 of them on the short timeline we were on but it was an adventure in itself.

Hit up a few more breweries on the way home by Salida and of course a few repeat 14er summits the next day.

Here is to the great State of Colorado, Cheers!

Many more photos to come over the next 6 weeks as I pace/crew Rebecca for the rest of her Leadwoman in Aug and I try my hand at another 100 at Run Rabbit Run in Sept.