Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bighorn 100 Photo Blog

Well thought I better at least put something up so at least photos are out there for everyone to see.  It seems to me that it is getting harder and harder to get motivated write race reports anymore.  They seem to all go like this--- I trained, I showed up, weather was either good or bad, I either threw up or didn't throw up, I finished.  I know I am sounding like a grumpy old man right now, it must be the rain this morning keeping from my pre-gym jog.

Anyways a few notes before the photos. 

1. Went into Bighorn with the only goal of finishing to get my Hardrock qualifer, no time goals.
2. Followed my normal 100 mile race plan which you can see here.
3. This was the longest distance that I have done solo in a race before picking up a pacer- 68 miles.
4. Did not have a single episode of bonking or puking.  Just steady forward movement all day/night. which is the first time ever this has happened.
5. Was able to work through any issues that came out without letting it affect my mental outlook, this is key in a 100.
6. I think I might have to rate this as my best 100 yet considering how well it went.
7. Finished in 24:44:53 for 27th place feeling good and never really pushing at all.

I want to thank my crew and pacer.  You guys know who you are and thank you.  Also want to thank the Special Idiots out on the course cheering and providing extra support.  You all make it more fun to be out there.

Photos come from Chippy, Clyde and other random sources.

How far is that race from Denver Metro area?

In full on crew/pacing planning

Start line photos

Off with this weirdo that is always in colorful shirts.  Top notch dude.

Early miles heading to Footbridge, yes the views are this good on the whole course.

Leaving Footbridge inbound (mile 68) with Clyde pacing at about 2:30am (no other photos through the night).

Climbing up to Dry Fork (mile 82ish) to get some breakfast.

Top of the last climb at mile 92 before the bomber downhill to the finish line.

Canyon - 6 miles to the finish.

Breaking out of the canyon and finally off the trail to the only road on the course.  About 4-5 miles left.  Clyde is pacing strong.

Walking across the finish in Dayton.  Now where is a damn chair?

Celebration with some of the Special Idiots late into the night.  Amazing how long one can stay awake and drink after running a 100.

Parting shot.... Thanks for checking out the photo report and until the next one.