Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Moab Redhot Weekend

What a fun and great weekend!  I needed that get away.  Was going to type up long race report but just can't find the motivation and/or time to do so.  So instead here are a bunch of photos to tell the story.  By the way, it was colder in Moab all weekend than it was in Denver/Boulder.  Pondering another trip out there to put in a hard training weekend in the next 6 weeks.

Pre race shake out around the rental house after a drive the to Moab on Friday.

You can say I had an OK race that day.  One take away was that all the road miles did not hurt me in a trail race like I thought it would.  To have the turn over to throw down the last 5 miles played a huge part in being able to pull away from a pack that I was running/navigating with.

Rebecca finishing up her 34 mile run through the desert.

Bike ride in Arches National Park on Sunday before the 7-8 hour drive home where we would be sitting on Vail pass while the open and close it due to snow.