Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Fun

Hell of a weekend.  With Thanksgiving coming up it is a reminder of the blessing for the friends that I have.

I think this text from wanker sums it up best.  Of course he was to scared to come up and race on Saturday morning since it snowed.

Saturday morning GZ invited me to race with the Flatirons Running team at the Colorado State Cross Country Championships.  This was a 3 lap 6K course that was a lung burner.  No where in shape for this kind of racing but put myself out there going out hard on the 1st lap only to blow halfway through the second lap and try to hang on to the finish.  Good times!  Results can be found here.  All photos below by Timko.

The race was followed by trash talking and beer at Southern Sun in Boulder.  Always a good time with the GOMs.

Saturday night was originally supposed to be my 40th birthday party at a local brewery Nighthawk in Broomfield until life took a left turn on me a few weeks ago and I cancelled it.  Not being happy about me cancelling my party Rebecca talked me into having a small potluck style get together at my house.  Needless to say, the beer was flowing and good times were had by all.  Thank you guys.  It is special to have the friends that I do.

Sunday was spent sitting around the house wasting the day watching episodes of The Man in the High Castle.  Thanks GZ.  I did get out on the bike for a bit and rode over to the Jeffco Airport to catch some guys from the gym competing in the Turkey Challenge at MBS Crossfit.  Always fun watching people destroy themselves.