Sunday, November 1, 2015

Twofer Cyclocross weekend

Yep, the weekend on the front range means more cyclocross racing!  I know it is getting old but I dig this sport. 

Saturday was Schoolyard Cross in Lafayette.  This was a very cool course on the grounds of a private school.  This course was a little longer at just over 2.5 miles meaning that we did 3 laps for the race instead of 4 like the past weeks.  It was also a faster course and I was able to average just under 13mph which is faster than weeks past also.  Either I was sucking today or the field was faster because I ended up 23rd out of 52. I am thinking the field was faster, there were a lot of younger guys I was racing today with college cycling team kits on.  Once again the man Bryan Trammell made an appearance and took awesome photos which are at the bottom.  Strava data can be found by clicking here.

Sunday was the Feedback Cup in Golden.  Went to the starting corral for the call up and for some reason my name was not called so I ended up starting in the back.  The last 2 races including yesterday I am either the last person in the first row or in the second row depending on who showed up.  Anyways took off hard so when we hit the sand pit just over a quarter mile into the race I was sitting between 10-15th place out of 26.  As I was running through the pit some jack hole trying to ride it through all the people fell over when he stalled out and turned my front wheel 90 degrees from my handle bars, shit.  After spending about 30-45 seconds realigning my wheel I was in last place and pissed.  I spent the next 38 minutes just hammering trying to work my way back up the field.  Ended 10th out of 26, only a few seconds back of the jack hole that twisted my wheel.  I have not buried myself like that in a while, felt good to physically burn matches like that after the week of personal BS I had.  You can find the Strava data here.  Even did a half a lap of Lookout Mountain as a cooldown.

Spent Sunday afternoon doing the backside lap at Mount Sanitas for a Suffer Better fundraiser to get out of the house and enjoy the 70 degree day.  Good active weekend.