Monday, September 2, 2013

Rambling Thoughts.....

Been really thinking about how I have been feeling since my bailout at the Pikes Peak Marathon.   As some of you may or may not know I did the Ascent in subpar time and bailed on the marathon the next day due to not feeling/recovering from the Ascent.  I lost 9lbs in a 13 mile run that day, that is not right. Just burnt out and sore all the time.  Even now 3 weeks later I go out for an easy flat 6 miles only to feel like shit for 2 days.  I am not sure what to think about it anymore, it makes me want to give up running for awhile with the hope that it will come back in a month or two.

Came across this article this morning and makes me think that I should just keep on pushing until I break through.  I know it sounds like I am feeling sorry for myself but that is not it.  I am trying to figure out how to solve how I have been feeling so I can move on.  Ok, rambling over.

5 Things Mentally Tough People Don’t Do (by

5 Things Mentally Tough People Don’t Do


1) They don’t feel sorry for themselves

They understand that complaining doesn’t make the situation better.
They know that people won’t treat them they way they want to be treated, circumstances might not be ideal, and they will experience adversity; however, rather than complain about the negative aspects of their situation, they focus on what they want to happen and what they’re going to do about it.

2) They don’t give people power over them

They are not people pleasers.
They are relentless in their pursuit of their passion and aren’t worried about what other people think.
They give power to what they focus on, and if they waste their time focusing on the opinions of others, they lose sight of the things that will make them truly successful.

3) They don’t avoid change

They are always looking for ways to evolve. They believe that if they continue to give their best, their best will continue to get better over time.
With the competition continuing to get bigger, stronger, faster, and smarter; it’s important to have the mindset to improve by learning from successes and failures.

4) They don’t play small

The mentally tough swing for the fences and know that it might mean striking out a few times (or many times). Their purpose for achieving greatness casts away their fear of failure. They refuse to tip-toe through life, they intend on creating a legacy for the future by making an impact in the here-and-now.

5) They don’t focus on things they can’t control

They refuse to waste time focusing on things they can’t control because there is nothing they can do about it!
They understand that the less control a person feels the more susceptible they are to making poor decisions, falling into bad habits, and crumbling under pressure.