Monday, March 11, 2013

RMRR 3 miler

In the last post I laid out 4 goals for the month of March.

They were:

Goals for March:

1.  Get back to normal training with a goal of ~250 miles and ~40K of vertical this month.

2.  Hit the weight room at least 2 times a week.

3. Do one 14er.

4.  Do at least one shorter race (5K or so) to get a measurement of fitness.

A few weeks ago I completed a 3 mile race to get a gage of my fitness.  I ran one of the monthly races that Rocky Mountain Road Runners puts on.  You can find their website here.  It is a great deal: free for members (membership is $35 a year) or $10 per race if your not a member.  You are not going to find a race cheaper.

My goal was just run around 170 beats per minute for the first 2 miles and push on the third to get a baseline on my pace on a flat course.  Here are my splits, overall average was 6:10 per mile at 170 beat per minute.  This gave me a finish time of 18:45 for the 6th fastest on the day.  That is the baseline for next month, faster than 6:10 per mile.

I would highly recommend these low stress races.  They are a lot of fun.  Only 3 more goals to hit for the month and I am on target as of today. 

GPS data here