Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Year End Numbers

Not really going to write up a big year in review post this year.  You can get the drift of how I feel about my year when you read the post right after my Leadville failure in Aug.  I am going to share my numbers for the year though.

Went with doing more tempo style workouts this year to get ready for Leadville instead of high vertical like years past.  I am disappointed with myself that I did not even get over 300,000 feet of gain this year but happy with some of the speed I gained.  Last year I was just under 400,000 without even doing any big races.  If I am going to help my runner (whom to be shared later) break 34 hours at Hardrock 100 this year I am going to have to start focusing on a lot more vertical.  I think I will need to be over 200,000 feet by mid July.

As far as my plans for 2013, stay tuned.   That is still being worked out.  Hope everyone had a great holiday season and it is time to get back to doing some serious work again.