Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pikes Peak Ascent thoughts.

Well this weekend will be a fun new adventure for me. I will be running the Pikes Peak Ascent on Saturday which is about 13.3miles and 7500ft of gain. This a major mountain race in the Colorado region and is what some dudes like this guy live for. My plan is to just go and have fun running it under 4:15 so that I have a Wave 1 qualifier for the next 3 years in case I decide to run this again. The reasoning behind my outlook of not really racing it hard is that I am stuck in Wave 2 behind about 1000 people due to the fact that I did not have a fast marathon or half marathon time in the last 3 years to put me in Wave 1 since I have only been running trails. I had to use a trail marathon as a qualifier and of course it was not fast enough for Wave 1, oh well. I think I am in 3:00-3:15 shape but I expect to run between 3:45-4:00 with all the passing I will have to do even when running at an easy pace.

Should be fun!


  1. That guy is a little obsessed.

    Have a good one out there.

  2. Hey Shad, I'll be in wave 2 of the ascent also. I'll have to keep an eye out for you - it's been a long while since I've seen you.

  3. You to GZ.

    Chris- Long time dude. If you are down there on Friday night I will be at the Firehouse at the start line. My wife works there and I will be stay there with her. Of course I may go out for a beer with my buddy JT but will be in town.

  4. Great job out there man! I'm sure you would have broken 3:00 and I would have broken 3:30 had it not been for all the passing. I said "on your left" so many times I felt like I should have been getting paid for it. Awesome race though!

  5. It was crazy how many people I had to pass. I quit counting at Barr Camp and I was at 80 I think. Nuts!!!! Good seeing you bud, good job out there!