Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One man to run two marathons per day for eleven months

Came across this story and had to share it, 13,000 miles in 11 months. Impressive!!!

PS- If you are viewing this in Facebook or Google Reader, ect you will have to come over to the blog to see the video as a FYI. I just noticed it does not show up in Google Reader.


  1. He's going to raise $100,000,000 (Aus)? and run over 50 miles a day for a year? Wow. I hope he makes it.

  2. Steve by the way I am not carpooling this weekend, the wife decided to come and make it a couples weekend. I was not sure what your plan was. If your looking for a ride let me know via email and I'll send out an email to the Idiots, lots of them are going.

  3. thanks for the offer. My roommate is coming along and I'm going to catch a ride with him. Thanks though.