Monday, February 7, 2011

No Hardrock in 2011 for Shad

I was not lucky enough to have my name drawn this past weekend for the Hardrock 100. I was really hoping that I would get lucky. Now it is time to either come up with a plan B or not run a 100 this year which I am also considering.

Here are some Plan Bs that I am mauling over:

1. Grand Mesa 100 7/22
2. Leadville 100 8/20
3. Grand Teton 100 9/3
4. Swan Crest 100 -July last year. Don't know if they are having it or not.
5. The Bear 100 9/23
6. Pony Express 100 10/21

Any others out there that I might be missing? I really don't want to drive more than 8-10 hours from Denver/Boulder area which is why you will not see anything in California on the list.

I am also toying with the idea of just doing a bunch of 50 milers and shorter races. It might just be nice to not have to worry about all the training and planning that goes into a 100 miler. I don't know, it is something my wife Ashley and I will hopefully figure out over the next few weeks.

I am also looking at doing a non-race 100 and have a few ideas that I am talking over with some buddies. Not quite ready to share those thoughts out in internet world yet.



  1. I too lost out in the lottery world this weekend (Wasatch 100). It was way more disappointing that I expected. So, like you, I pondered...and quickly signed up for the Bear 100 (at the urging of several guys I respect a lot).

    On my non-race list for this summer is some sort of day-long traverse around the Gore Range.

  2. Right now if I could choose it would be Swan Crest but I can't figure out if they are holding it or not, they won't respond to my emails. Most likely it will be The Bear also.

    Let me know when you do the Gore Range, I may be game if you are looking for company. I will let you know what we have in mind once we figure out a few things. Lets just say it would be about 70ish miles above treeline.

  3. I read somewhere the idea for a Softrock 100 - do the same course but over 3 days (I assume with stops in the 'major' towns). What about a White Rim jaunt?

  4. White rim would be good in Oct/Nov, I think any earlier would be to hot. Softrock would be fun, you could also go pace 52ish of it, which I did last year.