Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pacing at Hardrock

Not a lot to say but it was a kick ass time. I will wait until JT puts up his race report before I write one. In the mean time here are the photos that I took out on the 48 mile of the course that I was on. Enjoy!


  1. Priceless pics of Brownie cruising into town and kissing the rock. The pics really show the immensity of the area and the remoteness of the race. Great job pacing for 48 miles!

  2. JT is a fun guy! What a riot!
    I paced the same sections you did, a couple years ago. Awesome experience. Way more fun to pace than race. Only problem is you don't get to see the entire course. But the price is right!

  3. Good times! Hell, you might not be out on the Leadville course as long as you were on the Hardrock course! Thanks for getting my slowpoke ass to the finish line.