Monday, February 2, 2009

January's breakdown of the Numbers.

I had a pretty strong month for my 1st month of the year. I went to my on-line log and ran the numbers, not to bad! I had basically 225.65 total miles covered on foot with over 26,000 ft of vertical for the month of January. I was hope for over 250 but this is still good. I am wondering how I will be feeling in 2 weeks at the Red Hot 50K in Moab? Comparing to the number of miles that I ran last year in January (165) it is a huge improvement. There was also more quality runs this year. Last year I just put in the miles and did not do any tempo, speed, ect... This year running under a coach Paul DeWitt I put in much more quality runs. I am hoping for a much better finishing time than last years 6:24 which is my worse ever for a 50K. Here is the report from last year 2008 Red Hot

activity # time miles +ft
Running 24 32:35:00 210.4 (9:17) 23850
Snowshoeing 2 4:15:00 10.25 (24:52) 2500
Weights 7 3:00:00
Biking 7 1:45:00
Other 4 1:15:00 5.0 (15:00)
Total 44 42:50:00 225.65 26350

Have a great week!