Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mount Sherman & Gemini Peak

I have been kind of slacking on my posting lately and for that I am sorry. I started using an on-line training journal so I no longer post my workouts here. There is a link on the right hand side of the page that will take you to my on-line log at This is an awesome site. I will also in the next few months be laying out my 2009 race schedule. I am excited about that.

Now to get down to why I am even posting anything. This past weekend Ashley, Kirk, Tracy, and decided to take on Mount Sherman at 14,036ft above sea level. This is a straight forward and pretty easy hike. While we were up there I decided that I might as well knock out Gemini Peak which is just a short ridge walk away. That will be one more top 100 in Colorado done. There are all kinds of neat mine structures all over the mountain that you can check out, see the pictures below. This is a great mountain for 1st timers that want to try their hand at climbing a 14er.

We had a great day with the exception of the wind and I could not have asked for better company. Below are some pictures from the hike.

Happy Trails.