Sunday, October 30, 2016

Busy few weeks...

Thought I would play a little catch up on the blog today while watching the Broncos.  Since the last time I posted a lot has gone on.  I have done 4 cyclocross races and my first Crossfit competition in the last few weeks.  On top of that there was a Tool concert with Timko, couple new breweries, and of course meeting wanker last night for beers since he was in town.  Good to be busy and active for sure. 

US Open of Cyclocross (2 days of racing)


Flatirons Cyclocross 

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Monster Mash at Crossfit Sanitas-  This was my first ever attempt at trying my hand in a Crossfit competition.   My only goal was not to be last which I achieved with a middle of the pack finish.  I will be doing more of these in the future.  Just a full day of trashing myself in the gym, good times!

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And of course a super mellow trail run in Golden today to try and flush out the soreness from yesterday's workouts.  Legs were pretty trashed so I joined the Denver Trail Runners on Lookout Mountain for some easy miles and vertical.

Awesome couple of weeks.  I bounce around between 15 to 20 hours a week of training so still some good volume there even though I am only running 40-50 a week now.  I have upped my game on the bike and mostly in the weight room which is my main focus right now.  One more month of playing around with whatever I feel like doing until the Boston training starts up again... sigh....