Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May Numbers

Better month than I expected it be when I ran the report today.  I did not think that I ran that much mileage wise.  Not only was I surprised on the overall mileage number, the vertical was solid too.  Been a challenging month switching from road running to trail running.  That has been the focus with Bighorn 100 looming just 17 days away.  I am kind of already in taper mode but will still try to get in some solid vertical this week and next week.  The only goal at Bighorn is to treat it as a very very long training run and get that finish for my Hardrock qualifer.  I really don't want to race it and spend the rest of summer trying to recover from a hard effort in a 100.  What would be ideal is to be mostly recovered by mid-July and able to put in a solid 6 weeks of training for RRR100 in September so I could race that one hard.  We will see how it all plays out.  Going to be another busy summer!

The numbers.