Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Numbers Check In

Not a lot to report for August considering that most of the month was I was either tapering or recovering.  Some solid racing did happen and the race report for the Leadville 100 run is still being worked on, still trying to collect photos.

Recovery is coming along nicely.  Did get out last weekend for a 20 mile ride on Saturday and 6 mile trail run on Sunday.

Started a new program yesterday from Mountain Athlete called the Peak Bagger.  Spent 75 minutes yesterday doing step-ups with a 25lb vest on (1000 total) and running an 800 every 200 step-ups.  Killer and wiped me out.  Time to spend lots of time getting strong again and just running when I feel like it for a while.

This will lead to not much activity on Strava since I don't put the non-GPS stuff on there so if you are interested in what I am doing check out my Attackpoint.org log.  Link is in the column of the blog.

More to come.