Thursday, October 2, 2014

Still Here...

Yes I am still here, just not doing much besides running a little and I mean a little and drinking lots of beer for the 365 Day Beer Challenge which is not to far off from being complete.  You can check that out over here-  Hopefully I will get the bug again soon and get back to training for something.



  1. Train for the stairway to cleveland

  2. As dumb as this sounds we have a Corporate Wellness Challenge that starts on Monday the 6th that is mostly based on the mileage of a 11 person team for 8 weeks. For some strange reason this motivates me a little and I have started a team called the Sweet Cow Lovers. Of course, there is a conversion tool so you can convert other forms of exercise to mileage for the gym rats. Needless to say I see some increases happening over the next 8 weeks in both running and gym time.