Sunday, April 27, 2014

Crash and Burn Cheyenne Mountain 50K

Well after a good day at Palmer Lake 4 weeks ago jogging for 7 hours without losing my stomach, I had high hopes for Cheyenne Mountain.  No real time goal just to be able to go out and jog 31 mountainous miles without puking and getting sick.  Well that did not happen, stomach started to turn about mile 24 and I started puking at mile 26, throwing up about every half mile.  Had to walk the last 7 miles just to finish.  Rough day, not sure what else to do.  I just can not seem to keep my stomach.  I am starting to get to the point where I am not sure about doing anymore ultras but just to go back to climbing.  It is just getting old, hell I am getting old so I feel that way.

Check out those mile splits: 


  1. Sorry to hear. The stomach seems to be the crux of ultrarunning often times. 9 hours seems about the most I can do on gels/bloks alone and I am not sure what else I could eat or want to eat. Hard to experiment too, as you (well at least I) never run for much more than 3 hours. Being out in the mountains all day does not really translate either, as the intensity is usually not the same as running or race pace. Either way, follow your instinct, certain distances are not for everyone, but don't give up too easy (I know you don't), it might be a matter of finding a simple missing link. Best of luck.

  2. What I meant to say was "it is hard to replicate long races in training and I personally don't ever train for more than 3 hours" and did notice that you said you felt fine on a 7 hour training run. Sometimes it is just impossible to figure what your stomach is going to do on any given day and there are so many variables that go along with it.

  3. I know what you mean Jeff. Thanks. Out of the 20 plus ultras I have done there was only 2 times that I can recall where I did not get sick. I can't seem to figure out why those 2 days were good. I did the exact same thing in other races just to get sick again. Tried lots of different combinations to the point that I am out of ideas. Just getting sick of it, pun intended.