Monday, March 31, 2014

24 Hours of Palmer Lake

Great way to spend another beautiful Saturday.  Set a goal of at least 40 miles and a max of 50 miles which is way more than I have ever run at one time in the month of March.  The plan was just to jog all day and that is what pretty much happened.  Covered 50 laps which works out to 41 miles in 7 hours and 10 minutes.  Not a bad training run.  Not to sore on Sunday or Monday which surprised me, just really low energy levels on Sunday.  This week will be a nice recovery week then back to building mileage again.

Thanks again to VFuel for donating the box of gels for everyone.  Check out the new flavors!  They rock!  

You can get Jerry's lowdown of the race at:

Towards the beginning when it is still chilly out.

Walking lap 50 (the last lap) re-hydrating.

Great video that Jerry made.

24hrs of Palmer Lake: Race Video 2014 from Jerry Armstrong on Vimeo.